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  • For many of us who ranch in western North Dakota, our private land is interspersed within the federal grazing lands.

    A proposed new policy regarding drilling permits being considered by the North Dakota Industrial Commission could significantly restrict drilling and oil and gas development on private lands that are designated as “extraordinary places” by requiring a public comment period. The federal land already has in place a public comment policy which can affect our private land.

    Agricultural Commissioner Doug Goehring has raised objections to the new policy and has said he will support a policy that excludes private property from the public comment period. I agree with him.

    Thank you Commissioner Goehring, for your commitment to preserve our private property rights. As landowners, we should have the ability to make management decisions about our land without the additional burden of public comments.

    Keith Winter and Roger Chinn,


    Letter published at www.TheDickinsonPress.com